April'stop suspects

raccoonsRaccoons most often like to make dens in crawlspaces, chimneys, roofs and attics.
batsBats can be dangerous if they roost in buildings or come into contact with people.
rodentsMany rodents are active this time of year. Including mice, moles, voles and chipmunks.
Other spring SuspectsOther animals causing issues this time of year include: Skunks, Beaver and Deer

Pest Control Service



Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management provides service to the Des Moines, Iowa greater metro area. We pride ourselves in providing tailored services to fit your needs and situation. Our licensed and trained inspectors assess your needs and educate you about what areas need attention as well as the areas that do not.


We specialize in humane removal of unwanted wildlife, Insects , Birds and rodents.


With over 12 years in the pest removal service, we quickly identify situations and the species involved, facilitating faster resolution. We trap at animal entrance locations when feasible which provides the quickest results. Unlike most Pest Management companies that set traps on the ground, we set where the animal is entering and leaving.

We also offer guaranteed exclusion of entry points. If we do the exclusion, and an animal comes through our exclusion point, we will remove the animal and re-exclude the entry point at no cost. In addition, we offer removal of all signs of animal occupation (where possible).


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