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Opossums, while sometimes regarded as harmless, can become considerable pests when they invade your home, leading to sanitation concerns and potential health risks. Prompt action through professional opossum removal is essential to maintain a healthy, safe living environment that respects local wildlife.

1. Health Risks

Safeguard your family’s health with proficient opossum removal, reducing the risks of diseases and parasites that opossums may carry.

2. Home Safety

Protect your property from opossum damage to attics, exposed decks, crawl spaces, and foundations, preventing nesting and chewing damage.

3. Cleanliness and Aesthetics

Enhance your home’s sanitation and appearance by addressing opossum presence, promoting a clean, disruption-free environment.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we specialize in opossum pest control, safely and effectively removing these creatures to keep your environment secure and disturbance-free. Here’s how we can help:

  • Humane Opossum Solutions: We employ the safest and most humane methods to manage opossums, focusing on the well-being of both wildlife and residents. This includes removing opossums and securing areas like decks and sheds to prevent future issues.

  • Thorough Inspections: Our team conducts detailed inspections to identify signs of opossum activity, assessing each situation from nests in attics to damage in crawl spaces.

  • Long-Term Deterrence: Beyond removal, we develop exclusion strategies to prevent opossums from returning, effectively safeguarding vulnerable areas such as exposed decks and storage sheds.

  • Safe for Everyone: Our eco-friendly methods ensure safety for your family and the environment, minimizing any potential harm from our interventions.

  • Tailored to You: Each opossum challenge is unique, prompting us to create a customized removal and exclusion plan that guarantees effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, our mission goes beyond simple pest control; we aim to provide comprehensive solutions that tackle the unique challenges opossums pose.

By integrating thorough evaluations, humane intervention techniques, and proactive deterrent strategies, we ensure your space remains inviting and opossum-free. Our commitment to precision and care in each phase promises lasting peace and protection for your property.


Got other unwelcome guests that aren’t opossums? At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we’re ready to tackle any wildlife or pest challenge you might face:

  • All-Around Wildlife Solutions: Raccoons rummaging through your garbage? Squirrels nesting in your attic? We handle all types of wildlife with professionalism and care, ensuring they are humanely relocated.
  • Insect Infestations Handled: Dealing with a termite swarm in your structure or ants in your kitchen? Our targeted strategies effectively keep them out, preserving your home’s insect-free environment.
  • Rodent Troubles Taken Care Of: Encountering mice or rats making their way into your living areas? No problem. Our rodent control methods are quick, thorough, and designed to maintain a rodent-free home for the long haul.


Bats nesting in attic space

Opossums can be secretive, but recognizing signs of their presence is crucial for effective management. Watch for these key indicators:

1. Distinctive Behaviors

Be aware of the rustling sounds at night or overturned garbage cans, common signs that opossums are nearby or scavenging in the area.

2. Visible Damage

Look for torn ductwork or insulation in your attic, or damage to garden areas, which can suggest opossum nesting or feeding activities.

3. Tracks and Trails

Notice tracks with opposable thumbs on the rear feet and scattered droppings, often found near your home or in mud, indicating their paths and frequent visits.


  • Droppings

  • Severe Odor

  • Damage of Property

  • Contamination of Property

Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach to opossum removal is defined by humane, state-of-the-art methods tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

We are committed to swift service, typically conducting initial evaluations within 1-2 business days, though this can vary with seasonal demand and our current workload.

Our opossum pest control techniques involve careful trapping and strategic exclusion to safely manage opossum populations, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Certainly! The safety of your family and pets is paramount. Our eco-friendly opossum management techniques are safe and transparent, ensuring you’re well-informed at every step.

We offer expert guidance on property care and modifications, such as securing potential entry points and removing food sources, to help keep opossums away permanently.

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