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Are squirrels turning your yard into a playground? While they may appear cute and harmless, these nimble creatures can cause significant damage with their gnawing habits and risk spreading diseases. Learn how our Squirrel Removal Service can restore peace to your urban or suburban home, offering immediate relief and long-term prevention to protect your health, property, and ensure cleanliness.

1. Health Protection

Essential squirrel removal reduces health risks from diseases and parasites, safeguarding your well-being.

2. Property Safeguarding

Quick squirrel control prevents structural damage to roofs, attics, and wiring, protecting your property.

3. Cleanliness Assurance

Immediate action against squirrels maintains hygiene, avoiding contamination from droppings and nests.


Bobcat Wildlife & Pest offers specialized squirrel removal for homes and businesses, employing comprehensive, humane strategies for effective infestation control and prevention.

  • Humane Exclusion Techniques: Employing safe, innovative methods, our team effectively handles squirrel removal, prioritizing property safety and wildlife well-being.

  • Detailed Infestation Analysis: Through thorough inspections, we identify squirrel nests and entryways, providing a full understanding of effective infestation resolution.

  • Long-term Deterrence Plans: We go beyond immediate removal, implementing lasting solutions like habitat modification and sealing off entry points to prevent future issues.

  • Safety-Focused Practices: Our squirrel removal ensures strict adherence to health and environmental safety, protecting families and nature alike.

  • Customized Control Methods: Tailoring squirrel management to each property, we focus on delivering effective, client-centric solutions.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest, our commitment lies in comprehensive squirrel eradication. We ensure your space remains peaceful and squirrel-free. Rely on our expertise for a secure, serene environment without squirrel troubles.


If your property’s pest signs don’t match those typical of squirrels, it’s possible you’re facing different wildlife or pest challenges. At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we’re equipped to tackle a variety of pest issues. Explore our extensive range of services:

  • Varied Wildlife Solutions: Our services extend to humanely and efficiently handling a range of wildlife, such as raccoons and birds, ensuring their safe removal.
  • Insect Management Expertise: Facing insect troubles? Our team delivers comprehensive control and preventative measures to combat these persistent pests.
  • Rodent Control Specialization: We are experts in rodent management, dealing with mice, rats, and other rodents, ensuring their safe and effective elimination.


squirrel on a gutter in Altoona

Detecting squirrels early on your property is crucial, as they can be quite stealthy. Being aware of the telltale signs of squirrel activity is essential for prompt and successful removal. Watch out for these key indicators:

1. Noticeable Daytime Sounds

Pay attention to specific noises such as scurrying or scratching in the attic, soffit, or the walls during daylight hours, which often signal squirrel occupancy.

2. Visible Chew Marks and Damage

Observe any gnawing on structures like wood, wiring, or insulation, as these are typical marks of squirrels.

3. Evidence of Nesting

Be vigilant for materials like leaves, branches, or torn insulation, typically used by squirrels for nesting, often in secluded spots like attics or beneath rooflines.


  • Damage of Property

  • Noise

  • Food Debris

Frequently Asked Questions

We excel in squirrel removal through years of experience, using humane and environmentally conscious approaches, tailored for each specific squirrel challenge.

Our response is prompt. We usually schedule assessments within 1-2 business days, considering your needs and seasonal factors.

Our strategies involve a range of humane and eco-friendly techniques, like secure trapping and habitat alteration, for effective squirrel problem resolution.

Definitely. We ensure the safety of your family and pets, employing non-harmful, gentle yet effective methods suitable for residential environments.

We offer specialized advice on property maintenance and modifications to discourage squirrel revisits, such as sealing entry points and modifying habitats.

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Bobcat Wildlife and Pest installed Incide PC™ insulation in our attic space. They were quick, quiet, and did a great job. Our home is warmer and more comfortable now. Well worth it!

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