Pigeon Removal


Beyond being a mere nuisance, pigeons in urban areas can become a real headache, nesting in unwanted spots and potentially harming your home and health. Discover how timely pigeon removal can address these issues, safeguarding the cleanliness and integrity of your living space.

1. Health Concerns

Professional removal counters health risks from pigeons carrying diseases and parasites, ensuring your family’s safety.

2. Protecting Your Home

Avoid property damage from nesting pigeons and their acidic droppings, preserving your home’s structure and aesthetics.

3. Keeping Things Clean

Maintain a cleaner, more hygienic environment by preventing the unsightly and unhygienic impact of pigeon droppings.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we specialize in professional pigeon removal, ensuring your home or business remains pigeon-free. Our comprehensive strategy includes:

  • Specialized Pigeon Removal: Our skilled team uses the latest methods to safely and humanely remove pigeons, focusing on your comfort and the birds’ welfare.

  • Detailed Property Inspections: We perform thorough evaluations to find pigeon roosting and nesting areas, helping us understand the full extent of the infestation.

  • Long-Term Deterrence Solutions: Our approach extends beyond immediate removal. We apply effective long-term strategies to prevent future pigeon issues on your property.

  • Health-Conscious and Eco-Friendly Practices: Our pigeon exclusion techniques adhere to strict health and environmental guidelines, ensuring safety for your family and the natural world.

  • Tailored Removal Approaches: Recognizing that every pigeon problem is unique, we create customized plans suited to your specific situation, addressing your concerns comprehensively.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we commit to delivering comprehensive pigeon management services, designed to effectively address pigeon challenges with care and precision. Our detailed process guarantees that your property remains pigeon-free and secure.


Wondering if the wildlife issues at your place go beyond pigeons? No worries, Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management is here to help with any pest challenge:

  • Handling Diverse Wildlife: Got raccoons in the attic or squirrels in the garden? Our team’s got the skills for safe, humane, and effective removal of various wildlife.
  • Insect Troubles? No Problem: If insects are bugging you, we’ve got the solution. Our comprehensive methods efficiently manage and keep those pesky insects at bay.
  • Rodents Running Rampant? We specialize in showing mice, rats, and their kin the door, using safe and thorough strategies to clear your space.


Bats nesting in attic space

Pigeons often roost in urban settings, making their presence noticeable. Recognizing signs of pigeon activity is vital for effective control. Keep an eye out for these clues:

1. Coos and Clatter

Listen for pigeon coos around roosting spots like ledges, roof soffits, or commercial HVAC systems during the day.

2. Visible Nests

Spot pigeon nests made of twigs on ledges, window sills, gutters, or porches, indicating common nesting areas.

3. Dropping Accumulations

Notice droppings buildup where pigeons roost, such as on ledges, gutters, porches, or around HVAC systems.


  • Odor

  • Damage of Property

  • Contamination of Property

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team excels in pigeon removal using humane and state-of-the-art techniques, customizing our services for each unique client scenario.

We strive for quick responses, generally scheduling site evaluations within 1-2 business days, depending on the time of year and our schedule.

We use humane exclusion and habitat modification strategies to manage pigeons effectively, always with an eye on environmental sensitivity.

Absolutely. The well-being of your family and pets is paramount. Our methods are eco-friendly and safe, with detailed safety information provided upfront.

We give expert advice on maintaining your property and making key changes, like sealing off roosting spots, to deter pigeons from returning.

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Highly recommend this group!!! Within 24 hours of my “something stinks” panic call, one of the techs, Ronnie, was at our place taking care of the animals that found their final resting place in our vents… and patched it up so we wouldn’t have this happen again. On-time, efficient, and very knowledgeable!!

Kayla L., via Facebook

I just wanted to email and let someone know how nice of a job Jared does when he comes out to treat the house. He always asks how things are and if I have any concerns. He checks things thoroughly each visit and addresses issues that need taken care of. He is very pleasant and professional.

Lindsay K., via Email
Bobcat Wildlife & Pest were very helpful. They were prompt and went over and above in their service to us. We will definitely recommend them to our family and friends.
Krista B., via Facebook

Bobcat Wildlife and Pest installed Incide PC™ insulation in our attic space. They were quick, quiet, and did a great job. Our home is warmer and more comfortable now. Well worth it!

Matt C., via Facebook

If you are looking for someone who does a great job, is thorough, is dedicated to making your home a priority-Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management is you’re only source for pest management. Best of the Best!

Laura M., via Google

We had a pest problem and the entire team was very responsive! From the phone staff to Ronnie coming out to the property. He was very helpful in explaining our issue and how we were going to treat it. Thank you!

Nicholas D., via Google

Our office is next to a restaurant so pest control is a constant battle. Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management were discreet and efficient. We have not seen any pests since working with them.

MW, via Yelp