Wasp Removal

wasps nest

Paper wasps are flying insects often mistaken for yellow-jackets. Seen as beneficial to gardeners, these insects excel at controlling the populations of insects that feed on plants. In spite of these benefits, care should be taken when near wasps and their nests, as they will sting if they feel threatened. Only females have the ability to sting.

Wasps - What To Look For

Typically paper wasps are black or brown with yellow markings, although color can vary by species,  They have a slender, narrow-waisted body with long legs that hang beneath during flight. Paper Wasps are around  ¾ – 1 inch long. They primarily feed on  nectar, but will feed insects like caterpillars and flies to larvae,         

The paper- like nests are constructed in rows of exposed hexagonal cells, forming an umbrella shape. Eggs are then laid in cells. Wasps typically build nests under overhangs like eaves and door frames, as well as on plants. 

Wasps - What To Do

While paper wasps are ecologically beneficial, they can be aggressive if provoked. Venom from stings can cause allergic reactions, so it is advised that any nests in close proximity to homes or in high traffic areas be removed.

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