Pigeon Removal


Since being introduced to North America, the pigeon has escaped and formed feral populations, which has resulted today in pigeons being the number one pest bird in urban and rural areas across the United States

Pigeon’s average weight is 13 ounces and is less than 12" in length. These birds feed on grains and seeds, but also will feed on garbage, insects, fruits, and vegetable matter in urban areas. Females lay 1 or 2 white eggs that hatch in 17-19 days. The adult birds nest year round and can produce up to 10 young per year.

The pigeon will roost or nest on any man-made structure that provides shelter from environmental conditions. This advantageous adaptation has made them a nuisance to humans. Pigeons can often be seen roosting on rooftops, under bridges, on building ledges, under canopies, in gutters and other sheltered structures.

pigeons - What To Look For

Pigeon droppings cause excessive damage to property, buildings, vehicles and machinery. The droppings deface and accelerate the destruction to roofs and building surfaces and can also kill vegetation. The often pungent odor and aesthetic appearance is unpleasant to passing pedestrians and customers.

pigeons - What To Do

Pigeons control is best accomplished with a integrated bird management program, utilizing a combination of trapping to eliminate nuisance birds from an area, the clean up and eradication of droppings, nesting material, as well as excluding them from structures that they use as nesting or loafing locations.

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