Attic Insulation Removal & Installation

Blown in Attic Insulation

Removal of Damaged Attic Insulation

We use a 23 hp insulation vacuum with a 6in suction hose for fast removal of damaged insulation. Insulation may need to be removed after damaged from raccoons, bats, squirrels, and mice damage. Many times these pests chew through and damage insulation and also leave poisonous feces and urine throughout.

Installation of Pest Control Insulation In Attic

After removing damaged insulation, Bobcat Wildlife and Pest uses InCide® Pest Control Insulation which provides excellent energy savings, fire resistance and pest human safe pest repellents.


*TIP: Check with your local energy provider for huge rebates on attic insulation. MidAmerican Energy offers up to $1000 in repayment!


InCide® Pest Control Insulation

InCide® Pest Control Insulation offers all the benefits of cellulose insulation combined with pest control protection. InCide® works directly in walls and attics where bugs and insects infiltrate and live. Insects are killed upon contact with the insulation, thus eliminating existing infestation and preventing future infestations while providing non-stop pest protection.

InCide® is a registered trademark of InCide Technologies, Inc. InCide® Pest Control Insulation (EPA Reg. No. 44757-4-59737 and Est. No. 59737-MO-001) is an EPA registered product that is safe and effective. It may only be installed by a licensed pest control operator.