Groundhog & Woodchuck Removal

groundhog in hole

The groundhog, also known as woodchuck, marmot, and rock chuck is a medium sized animal that weighs between 4 and 14 pounds. They are a solitary animals that are most active in early morning and late afternoon.

Groundhogs may have multiple burrows, with other animals readily occupying them once abandoned

Groundhogs begin breeding in March following hibernation, with an average litter of five. The young begin showing up outside of the den when weaned and the family group typically breaks up in midsummer.

Ground hogs are almost completely vegetarian, with flowers, grasses and some garden crops being preferred.

Groundhog & Woodchucks- What To Look For

Large piles of dirt along garages, around outbuildings, sides of houses, or ground level decks can be a very good indication of groundhog activity. Groundhogs spend a large amount of each day basking in the sun, and are very alert when feeding, readily darting back to the burrow or under outbuildings. They will also leave a large amount of droppings.

Groundhog & Woodchucks - What To Do

The most effective method is to remove all the groundhogs, and then exclude them from ground level decks and outbuildings. Backfilling as much as possible of the burrow will help reduce other animals occupying vacated burrow systems.

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