Bedbug Removal

bed bugs

Once nearly eradicated, the bed bug is making an resurgence in recent times. Every state is reporting increased bed bug complaints.

Bed bugs appear to be between mahogany and a rusty brown color, except after a blood meal when they appear to be red in color. They are a flat, broad oval in shape with six legs. They are about ¼ of an inch long. They like to hide in small cracks close to humans. They have been found in furniture crevices, behind baseboard, inside electrical outlets, behind picture frames and in upholstery.

Bedbugs - What To Look For

Check sheet for blood spots.  Often time’s people will have red swollen welts at bed bug bite areas. This is not a reliable method to determine if you have bed bugs as people react differently, if at all, to bites.

bedbugs - What To Do

Vacuum all luggage immediately upon return from a trip.                  

Call a pest professional for a site inspection. Due to the bedbug’s extreme elusiveness, a thorough inspection by individuals trained in bed bug detection is imperative. To get a bed bug infestation under control requires the skills and product only a pest professional has. Bed bugs are not a DIY insect problem.

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