Woodpecker Removal


Woodpeckers are a migratory non game bird, and as such may not be shot or trapped without a special permit.

Woodpeckers are from 7 to 15 inches in length with most males have some red on the head, with many species having black and white markings.

Many woodpecker species will use man-made structures for nesting sites, as well as searching for insects leading to exterior building damage.

Woodpeckers - What To Look For

If you hear the distinctive “drumming” sound a woodpecker makes on the building do a walk around exterior inspection.

Woodpecker activity is fairly easy to spot on the sides of the building. Look for multiple spots were the siding had been damaged. There are often multiple damaged areas fairly close together.

A hole that is currently being used as a nest will have bird activity in and out of the hole, as well as distinctive dark “greasing” around the hole opening. This greasing is caused by oil on the birds feathers mixing with dirt and dust.

Woodpeckers - What To Do

Sometimes hanging old CD’s or aluminum pie plates on fishing line close to the damage spots will scare the woodpeckers away. This is most effective at the onset of woodpecker damage.  Beating on a metal garbage can lid, or other loud noises will often frighten away the woodpecker. If repeated when the bird returns, may be enough to cause it to leave for good.

Installing sheet metal over the damaged spots, making sure to have a one foot overlap will sometimes discourage the offending birds.

The most effective way of preventing woodpecker damage is to install bird netting over the damaged area. A properly installed bird net is barely visible from a distance and provides the best long-term solution.

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