Starling Removal

starling flock

Starling are an unprotected, invasive bird about the size of a robin. The adults are dark with speckles on the feathers. The bill of adults will be yellow during the reproductive period of January to June.

Females lay 4 to 7 eggs which hatch between 11 to 13 days. The young leave the nest when they are around 21 days old.  Starling often gather in large flocks

starlings - What To Look For

Look for large flocks of dark birds roosting on buildings, trees and feeding in grass areas. Starling will readily use any available cavity to make a nest. This behavior often leads them to man- made structures.

Starling will readily use dryer and bathroom fan vent openings as nesting sites. Look for nesting material sticking out of openings and feces staining around these areas.

The active nesting cavities will have birds going in and out, greasing around the edges of the opening, and often times feces staining the immediate area.

starlings - What To Do

Remove any present nesting material. Wear a protective mask when doing so, as starlings carry many harmful diseases.

Sealing up any opening that is larger than one inch is vital to prevent future nesting.  Installing barriers along ledges, as well as using netting to prevent access to rafters in buildings will prevent future starling issues.

Installing a wire mesh guard around dryer and fan vent openings will prevent future starling nesting.

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