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House sparrows can be a nuisance species to people because they particularly seek areas that have been modified by humans. House sparrows are small birds, weighing about 1 ounce.  A sparrow will only have one mate per season, and both parents help incubate, feed, and brood the young until they have fledged.

The breeding season usually begins in February and lasts until August. Sparrows can have four clutches per year. Each clutch has one to eight eggs. Eggs are incubated for eleven days until they hatch. The young birds will fledge in fourteen days

sparrows - What To Look For

Sparrows build their nests in any crevice they can find with the debris they find in the environment around them. Dried vegetation, paper, strings, and feathers are all things that have been utilized in making the nest.

They often choose to make their nests in eaves or crevices of homes. Besides the noise and mess they create, this can be dangerous because of the potential diseases all birds carry.

Sparrows  will readily use dryer and bathroom fan vent openings as nesting sites. Look for nesting material sticking out of openings and feces staining around these areas.

Parasites, mites, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, West Nile Virus, and salmonella are all found in birds and their droppings.

sparrows - What To Do

The only sure fix to remove brids from living on or in the home is to reduce the sparrow’s access to nesting sites. For light sparrow presence follow the following steps. Remove all nesting material and debris. Wear a dust mask when doing so for protection. Once all nesting material is removed then seal openings with wire mesh. Small gaps may be sealed with a high grade expanding foam, capped by a good silicone sealant. Wash of all signs of feces. Medium to heavy sparrow presence usually requires professional to hlep with bird control.

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