Pest FAQ


Why does Bobcat offer "Wildlife" and "Pest" Management?

Often wildlife problems also include insect problems as well, offering both wildlife and pest management allows BW&P to provide you, the customer, superior service.

How long have you been doing wildlife and pest control?

We have over 12 years experience handling nuisance wildlife complaints. We have over 6 yrs experience as a Pest Management Professional

What licenses do you carry?

Wildlife Management Personnel are licensed trappers by Iowa Department of Fish and Game. We also carry a Professional Applicators License by Iowa Department of Agriculture 

Do you have coverage if there is a problem? 

1 million dollars in Liability coverage

Is there any wildlife or pest you don't cover?

We offer Wildlife management services for almost every animal there is. Please see our wildlife page. We do exclude bears, mountain lions, deer and elk. We offer residential home service, apartment complex service and commercial building services.

Do you offer service plans?

All services are available on a one time basis, as well as yearly management programs.