Fox Removal

fox in the snow

There are both Red Fox and Gray Fox present in Iowa, with red foxes causing the most human complaints. Red fox breed between late December and mid February, with an average of six kits born in late march. Grey Fox typically breed in February, with three to four young born in April.

Both Red and Gray fox are primarily nocturnal and secretive. The Gray fox is much more shy than the Red fox. Red and Grey Fox feed primarily on rodents, birds and rabbits.

Unlike the Red Fox, Gray fox occasionally will climb trees.

Fox - What To Look For

Signs of borrowing under decks, sheds and alongside foundations.

The Red fox will eat small pets and backyard chickens when opportunity presents itself.

Often a fox den will have an odor that may be confused with a skunks den. The den mouth is larger on a fox den.

Fox - What To Do

The most effective method in getting rid of fox is to remove all the fox once young are weaned by live trapping and completely seal the entire porch, shed or foundation from further entry by installing a barrier that is a minimum of six inches below ground level.

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