Beaver Removal

beaver eating wood

Beavers are the largest members of the rodent family.  Adult beavers weigh from 35 to 65 pounds and may be up to four feet in length.  Beaver are usually brown in color and have large protruding front teeth.  The tail is large, flat, scaled, naked and black in color.  The hind feet are webbed for swimming and considerably larger than the front feet

Beavers are dependent on water for survival and are in many of Iowa's waterways. They are particular to water with willows and cottonwood saplings close by.

Beavers - What To Look For

Some signs to look for are cut down trees close by water, slides leading from water to cut down trees, dams across streams. Culvers stuffed full of branches are another indication of possible beaver activity. Beavers can cut down a five inch tree in about three minutes.

Beavers - What To Do

Usually, once a beaver moves into a water area and finds good habitat, the only way to solve the issue is to have wildlife professional remove the beaver.

Install a wire barrier at least three feet in height around valuable trees, keeping about 1 foot minimum clearance around trunk.

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